Masters in Accounting

Finding the Best Accounting School for You

With 105,123 degrees and certificates handed out in 2018-2019, accounting is the #2 most popular major in the United States.

With all the business programs available today, it can be tough to choose which one is the best for you. Along with traditional schools that require in-person attendence, you can attend one of many reputable online schools. Some programs even offer a hybrid experience. Alternatively, you may choose a trade school that prepares you to enter the workforce with knowledge in a specific field.

The Best Accounting Schools ranking is one of many tools that Business Degree Central has developed to help you make your educational decision. This report analyzed 2,106 schools in the United States to see which ones offered the best programs for business students. Factors related to overall quality of the school, post-graduation earnings, average student debt, and more accumulated were considered when coming up with this list.

View our full ranking methodology.

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